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Are you ready to become a Roller expert and create amazing projects?

If you are like most people, when it’s time to create a project you look to the web for inspiration and step-by-step instructions.

What if I told you you could join a community on Facebook where this happens?

  • Once a month you will be able to watch and interact during a Facebook Live (most of the time) or a prerecorded step-by-step video.
  • You will have access to the APS Member site to re-watch videos and access instructions. 
  • Any and all questions you have will be answered.
  • You will learn an array of different Finishes that are Decorative Art Roller focused.
  • The Finishes will be versatile and can be used on many different surfaces.
  • Others and yourself can showcase your beautiful projects to help inspire the group.
And last but not least, you can be a part of a community of like minded creatives.

For a limited time you can lock in your lifetime price of $5.99 per month for group access or $25.99 for group access and the Roller of the Month, shipping included!!

Ready to get in the group? Choose your membership option!

         Inner Circle - Monthly      Inner Circle - Monthly + Roller     Inner Circle - Annual     Inner Circle - Annual + Rollers

What to know more? Keep scrolling.

 Why The Roller Queen’s Inner Circle Got Started

Jennifer was looking for a way to share her passion for Decorative Art Rollers and to show all of the possibilities they give you when you’re creating. Furthermore, she wanted to form a community for creatives that are passionate about making amazing projects.

What You Will Learn

The Inner Circle is Decorative Art Roller focused, meaning that most of the finishes created will have textured surfaces using the Roller of the Month. The finishes taught will be versatile for many different surfaces including (but not limited to) walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, and fabric. Jenn is always staying up-to-date on the latest techniques and hottest finishes and will pass on all of this information to you in the Inner Circle.

When You Will Learn

There will be one step-by-step Facebook Live hosted or prerecorded video posted on the group around the 15th of every month. The Live or video will usually last about an hour or until the project is finished and all your questions have been answered.

Where the Group Can Be Found

The Inner Circle is a private Facebook group that you will be added to after you join! This will be where the videos and community discussions can be found.

We have also recently created a Member Site ( to host all the finishes taught in Jenn's group in an organized and easy to use way. Our Artistic & Creative Inspiration Painting Group just got access to the site and everyone is loving it! We are working hard to get things together so that the Inner Circle can get on there soon!!

Who The Group Is For

The Roller Queen’s Inner Circle is for all creatives looking to learn and be inspired. Jenn’s teaching will be provided in a way for all levels of experience to understand and for all levels to learn something. Whether you’ve never worked with a roller or you have already been creating for years, this group is for YOU!!

Membership Options

The Inner Circle is a monthly membership group with a couple of different options.

For a limited time you will be able to join and lock in these lifetime prices.

The first option is for community access for only $5.99 per month. (Normally $19.97)

The second option is for community access and the Roller of the Month for $25.99 per month. (Normally $39.97)

The Roller of the Month is the roller pattern that will be used for that month’s video and will be sent out at the first of each month. This price also includes the shipping cost.

This is an incredible DEAL! The Decorative Art Rollers retail at $19.97 without shipping.

Click on a Membership option photo below to join the community today! 

Link will open a new window and take you to a purchase form on our newly created Member Site

All of the finishes taught in the Inner Circle will be hosted on this site soon!

         Inner Circle - Monthly      Inner Circle - Monthly + Roller     Inner Circle - Annual     Inner Circle - Annual + Rollers

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