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Beginners Foil Collection & Kit

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Foil Collection
Foil Adhesive
Final Coat + Wiping Pad

We are now offering the Beginners Kit as a build your own kit. 

First, you will need to pick which Foil Collection you like best! 

Then, you have the option to just buy the Foil Collection, or you can add Foil Adhesive and/or Final Coat + Wiping Pad if you need those items too! 

The full kit - with Foil Adhesive & Final Coat + Wiping Pad - includes everything needed except your surface and base coat paint.

You will love the Art of Foiling - the application can be applied to just about any surface.

Pick Your Foil Collection - 5 Feet total

  • 1 foot of each (12" x 12") - 5 Different Foils - Choose from options below!

Option #1 Foils:

  • Wild Leopard Spots Gold Large
  • Baylee Flowers
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Hot Pink

Option #2 Foils:

  • Glitter Stars Gold
  • Renee's Gold
  • Sun Bleached Gold
  • Celadon Green
  • Blush Pink

Option #3 Foils:

  • Blue Marble
  • Flower Power Teal
  • Waterfall Gold
  • 3D Stars
  • Pink Leopard

Option #4 Foils:

  • Wild Leopard Spots Small Silver
  • Scarlet
  • Sterling
  • Light Bronze
  • Lime Green

Option #5 Foils:

  • Confetti Green
  • Confetti Orange
  • Twinkle Red
  • Twinkle Silver
  • Sparkle Gold

Option #6 Foils:

  • Coy Cheetah Gold
  • Coy Cheetah Silver
  • Cheetah Gold
  • Cheetah Silver
  • Wild Leopard Spots Large Silver


Then you have the option to add a 4 oz jar of Foil Adhesive.

Lastly, you have the option to add a 8 oz bottle of Final Coat + Wiping Pad.

If you selected Yes to both of these you will receive the full Beginners Kit!

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