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Christmas Tree Earrings - Wooden Cutout

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These beautiful Christmas Tree Earrings wood cutout measures 1.5" wide by 2" high and is cut with a professional-grade laser cutter from 1/4" plywood.   

You have the option to buy just the woodcuts or add a collection of foils & adhesive. The collections include 1 foot of each of the three foils mentioned plus a 4oz. jar of foil adhesive.  

All wood cutouts are blank. 

Buying Options:

- Wood Cutouts ONLY (no foil or adhesive included)

- Collection #1 - Glitter Stars Blue, Silver Confetti, and Red + 4oz jar Foil Adhesive

- Collection #2 - Wild Leopard Spots Small Gold, Cheetah Silver, and Leopard Bronze + 4oz jar Foil Adhesive 

- Collection #3 - Grass Green, Red Glitter, and Gold Sequins + 4oz jar Foil Adhesive 


These are wonderful to use with our Foil Collection:

  • Wreaths
  • Signs 
  • Gift Bags
  • Christmas Tree
  • Gifts
  • Garlands 

These are wonderful to use with our Foil collection - create several pairs to wear during the holidays!!!  

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