About PolyOnlay

PolyOnlay is a brand-new decorative material for the furniture and craft industry. It is an innovative type of onlay made from a very strong and flexible wood pulp product.

They are about 3/8" thick and can be decorated in the same way as raised stencils. Patterns and shapes can be repeated with exact precision and with very little effort. PolyOnlay offers a wide variety of onlay designs to choose from and plans to expand its product offerings in the future.

What makes PolyOnlay so special? 

· They are water resistant, so they can be painted, stained, and washed

· Can be decorated in any possible way – you can use paint, wax, glue, tissue, metallics, transfer foils, and any other medium on and with them, or leave them as they are!

· Are bendable, so they can be used on curved surfaces

· Can be cut and sanded to fit a specific space

· Can be used with any type of adhesive - we recommend APS Foil Adhesive!

· Has Greenguard Gold Certification which means the product has extremely low VOC emissions and can safely be used by the whole family

PolyOnlay Products

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