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Here at APS, my goal is to provide you with all the creative products, tools, and trainings you need. From full-scale decorative painting to hobby crafting, we have you covered!

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- Jenn

Savannah Finish Workshop

Join Jenn for a three day workshop where she will teach you how to create the wonderful Savannah Finish.

She will be teaching the finish step-by-step while explaining the products, how to use them, and showing you the complete application method.

This workshop is for everyone! No experience required.

Oh, and it's only $10!!

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Foil Club

The members of our Foil Club have been creating amazing projects with their monthly foil collections! Their creativity has been inspiring to see and we would love to have more & more people join in on the foiling fun.

As a member of this club, you will have foil sent directly to you each month at a discounted rate. Plus, you will receive exclusive access to foils on select occasions!

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Foil Club