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Stamping (Blue) Rollers are a wonderful tool for imprinting a pattern onto just about any surface. 

These rollers are great whether you want to paint an entire wall or just add a little extra detail to a piece of furniture!

Below you will find a number of videos to help you get the most out of your roller!


Using Stamping Rollers

This video will take you through each of the steps to get your roller set up and get you ready to roll!
Step 1 - Add your paint to a paint tray of some sort.
Step 2 - Grab your applicator handle with only the sponge in it, no patterned roller to start. Now roll the sponge through the paint. You can add a little bit of water if your paint is really thick.
Step 3 - Now that your sponge is loaded, grab your patterned roller and attach it to the handle.
Step 4 - Before you roll onto your project surface, spin the patterned roller in the handle to make sure the paint is on the design. We also suggest rolling onto newspaper or scrap paper before rolling onto your surface. This will let you practice using the roller with the proper amount of pressure needed and proper angle of the handle.
Step 5 - Roll onto your surface and have fun creating a beautiful project.


Using Roller on Dresser


Christmas Table Runner with Stamping Roller


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