Bird of Paradise Stamping Roller

Stamping Rollers are a great tool for imprinting the design onto a surface. This surface can be, but not limited to - walls, furniture, wood and fabric. 

 The Bird of Paradise roller is one of our most popular stamping rollers and it gives you the ability to create one-of-a-kind wallpaper look finish.
Check out this bathroom wall!! 😍

bird of paradise bathroom wall

Our stamping patterned paint rollers are made of a durable, soft rubber and are easy to clean after being used. They measure 7 inches across (not including the silver pins) and approximately 2 inches in diameter. 

We currently have 11 different patterns to choose from, plus you can use any of our Fauxy Rollers by inserting a converter bar into them. 

Using a Stamping Roller

If you haven't used a stamping roller before, learn how below. 
Note: This video shows Jenn using our old applicator handle. The process she shows is the same but the new handle looks a little different. 


The patterned paint rollers work great with a number of different paints. Jenn's favorites to use are DIY Chalk Paint and Modern Master's Metallic Paints.

To learn more about using these rollers check out our All Things Stamping Rollers page.

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