Crocodile Roller

Decorative Art Rollers, also know as Fauxy Rollers, are a great tool for adding extra detail to any project you are working on!

We have over 40 different patterns to choose from but none are as popular as the Crocodile Roller.

Have you used a Fauxy Roller before? If you haven't, then check out the video below. Jenn will show you how easy they are to use.

Using Fauxy Rollers


These Fauxy Rollers can be used both with paint as shown above, as well as with textures. Jenn's favorite texture to use with the rollers is Texture Medium and you can watch her use this medium with a roller below. 

Rolling Through Texture Medium 


Are you ready to get started creating textured finishes now?!

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If you want to learn even more about our Fauxy Rollers, check out our All Things Fauxy Rollers page!