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Final Coat

Final Coat Wipe-on Varnish

Final Coat Wipe-on Varnish

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Fast drying clear tintable finish for wood, plastic and painted surfaces. Developed with the "Keep it Simple" philosophy in mind, Final Coat provides a durable and virtually flawless finish when applied in the following manner. Just pour or spray a small amount of Final Coat into a damp cotton cloth (old t-shirts are perfect) or a staining pad applicator. Gently WIPE the surface you wish to finish. Allow the surface to dry (5 to 10 minutes) and apply another coat. Continue to add layers in this manner until you achieve the finish you desire. 

You can also create a "stain" for raw wood or altering the look of existing finishes on cabinetry or furniture: Simply mix several drops of acrylic paint, UTC's or dry pigments into the Final Coat and apply as directed above until the depth of color you desire is achieved. Then apply a few coats of the clear Final Coat for a final finish.

When applying over delicate freehand work, faux finishes or dark colors: Tap on the first coat of Final Coat, allow to dry and then apply 3 to 5 coats with the "wipe-on" method.
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