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Flower Centers Metallic Foil Kit

Flower Centers Metallic Foil Kit

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We have created a kit to get anyone started with creating Flower Centers for wreaths with Metallic Foils!!! This kit will include a fabulous collection of foils and the foil adhesive needed. You will also need base coat paint and a top coat to seal and protect the foils.

You will love the Art of Foiling - the application can be applied to just about any surface.

Kit Includes:

  • 4 oz. jar of Foil Adhesive
  • 10 - 8"x12" piece of the following colors of metallic foil:
Ramsey Rose Gold
Dominic Flowers Grey
Wild Leopard Spots Small Silver
Cheetah Gold
Bright Silver
Tinsel Gold
Confetti Orange
Garrison Glitter

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