Upcycling Furniture 101: Steps A - Z

Upcycling Furniture 101: Steps A to Z, is your complete guide to upcycling. Join Jennifer for this awesome 1 day (4-6 hour) workshop where she will teach you everything you need to know to upcycle furniture. 

This workshop will cover how to prep furniture for painting, sanding vs. 
striping, priming, etc...

Jenn will be painting a small side table during this workshop and explaining
the process, application, and techniques that she will be using. 

Techniques included will be the preparation of furniture, painting, stenciling, and foils.  There may be more as Jennifer creates, sometimes one thing leads to another :)

During this Live workshop, you will be able to ask questions and interact with Jenn. 

You will have access to this workshop, including the video and all content provided, for 60 days.

This workshop will be a flat rate of $25, hopefully making it affordable to more people. Jenn knows money can be an issue when it comes to learning new techniques and expanding your knowledge, so she wanted to offer something that would be appealing and affordable to most people.

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