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Grossezza CHP

Grossezza CHP

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Grossezza XT is a high viscosity, single part, plaster type crackle that should be
applied over a well-primed surface of Canvas White. (if using another basecoat,
testing of adhesion should be done prior to proceeding with a job, as a thin layer
of Crackle Size may be needed to guarantee adhesion)
*When used in conjunction with Perfetto or ArtsSyVille Crackle Size, it produces a wide range of blocky crackle style finishes.
*Additionally, XT may be applied without the use of Crackle Size, if applying over
our Roccia PL to produce small cracks.
*It is not necessary to seal XT prior to color washing. An attractive finish can be
achieved by simply troweling the XT on the wall, tapping it with the flat surface of
the trowel to obtain highs and lows, allowing the XT to dry off about 30% to 40%
and then knocking the highs back down and color washing once dry.
*Color development is achieved either by tinting and/or color washing the XT
with the Faux Colorants. *The primary factors affecting the size of the cracks is
the film thickness (heavier applied material will crack larger), drying time, and
amount or thickness of the crackle size applied.

 Available in quarts and gallons.  

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