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Modern Masters

Metallic Paint Satin - Teal

Metallic Paint Satin - Teal

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Modern Masters Metallic Paint Satin Tealis a unique, water-based, non-tarnishing color. (If an aged metal finish is desired, use Metal Effects.) Water-based, low VOC paint for interior or exterior use. Easy to use - apply with a brush, roller, or sprayer.

Contains real metal particles, along with pearlescent and traditional pigments to create gorgeous shimmering colors.

Use with: Metallic Paint Primer, Extender for Rolling, Metallic Paint Roller and MasterClear Protective Clear Topcoats

Teal is opaque. Meaning minimal light passes through the color layer and offers good coverage with one layer.

Sizes Available:

Coverage: 80-100 sq. ft./quart
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