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Rotto - Chipping Plaster

High viscosity water-based pull off chipping type plaster
Typically applied with a trowel
May be stippled or touched with the flat surface of the trowel as the plaster starts to dry (10 to 20 minutes of drying) 
  • When touched, the plaster will adhere to the trowel, creating a chipped plaster/concrete look and feel.
  • As the plaster starts to set up and dry, tapping it with a paper towel and trowel will provide various textures.
  • These textures may be further modified by allowing them to dry and then knocking the texture down with the edge of the trowel.
  • Rotto is also easily scraped off with a putty knife while it is partially dry creating an¬†additional¬†chipped plaster appearance.
  • Once the plaster is fully dry (next day recommended) the plaster may be color washed with¬† Faux Colorants and glaze.
  • Rotto should not be vigorously stirred or mixed.
  • If a small amount of water separation is observed on the top of the product upon opening the container, a gentle mixing action to fold the product together is all that is needed prior to application.
  • Too much mixing or shaking may temporarily lower viscosity and adversely modify application properties.
  • Rotto is available in tint base only
  • Approximate coverage is 75-100 sq ft/gal, depending on application method
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