Americana Door Hanger DIY

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to create an Americana Door Hanger for Independence Day? Well... you are in luck! This project is not only simple but also allows you the chance to show off your creative, patriotic side with some super fun metallic foils. Your sign will look amazing on your front door to welcome all of your friends and family!

A wooden cutout of the word Love in patriotic colors, red, blue and silver.

Americana Door Hanger DIY

This door hanger DIY is perfect for any type of celebration you may be hosting this summer!

First, you will need to grab a wooden surface you would like to decorate. I picked up this super cute Love sign from my local Hobby Lobby. Then you will need to grab your favorite Americana foils from our fabulous collection of metallic foils, foil adhesive, black Bonadgo paint, and some ribbons from your local craft store if you decide to add a bow or use the ribbon to hang the sign.

Let's get started...

First, you will pick out four different foils you want to use for your project. I used: Glitter Stars Red, Glitter Stars Blue, Glitter Stars Silver, and Stripes - Red/Blue/Silver foils.

Then you will take your sign and lay it over the foil that you are planning to use for each letter and star. I marked on the foils with a Sharpie making lines that I wanted to cut to keep the foils on each section (watch the video for this process).

You will then...

Basecoat the entire surface with black Bondago paint and allow it to dry.

Next, apply your Foil Adhesive to the entire surface with a foam brush using the pouncing method. You can leave it with a slightly stippled texture or smooth it out with the foam brush. You can also use an artist wash brush as well. Allow the foil adhesive to dry for at least 60 minutes, the longer the better.

Now, using the Let's Be A Star Stencil, you will apply stars randomly on the different letters using a different color foil. For example, Silver stars on the letter L, Blue stars on the letter V, and Red stars on the letter E.

Then you will transfer the foils to the different sections of the sign. Glitter stars red foil to the letter L,  stripes - red/blue/silver to the Star, glitter stars silver foil to the letter V, and glitter stars blue foil to the letter E.


Make sure to top coat with an exterior varnish. I used the Modern Masters MasterClear Supreme which also has UV protection. Embellish as desired. I kept it simple with some twine and hung it on the front door!

This project is simple and fun to do! With the right tools, you can make your own sign in an afternoon with a friend. It's super easy and budget-friendly, which makes for the perfect DIY gift!


Supply List:

I hope you enjoy this project! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below 😊  Happy Patriotic Season from This Crafting Chick!

Xo, Jenn

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