Fall Ombré Acorn Door Hanger

Apparently, I stocked up on all the fall and holiday wood cut-outs last year, because I keep finding them and it makes me so happy! For this fun fall project, I started with this large acorn wood cutout and decide to create a fall ombré acorn door hanger.

Multi colored ombré acorn with fall leaves

Let’s get started…

First, I grabbed a bunch of Americana acrylic paint colors to create the ombré finish.  Starting with the darkest section, I brushed the paint onto the top from side to side and only came down about an inch or so at a time. While the paint was wet, I picked up the next lighter color and blended it into the first color going side to side and continuing to bring the paint down toward the bottom of the acorn.  You will continue to do this with each lighter color until you are finished. You can use a little water to help with the blending process.  Don’t allow the paint to dry, and continue to blend wet paint into wet paint.


I used another collection of Americana acrylic paints for the top section of the acorn. This time using my darkest color around the outside edge and blending lighter towards the center. Once all the paint was dry, I grabbed one of my favorite stencils, Nora Paige, in the larger version. I positioned the stencil and taped it to secure it to the bottom section of the acorn.   Next, you will grab a stencil brush and our APS Foil Adhesive. Use a dry brushing technique, and do not water the adhesive down for this application, you will apply the adhesive on the stencil pattern. It is best to have it thicker so it won’t bleed under the stencil design. Remove the stencil and allow the foil adhesive to dry for at least 30-60 minutes. The longer it dries the better.  Then use our Glossy Black Foil to cover the stenciled areas and transfer the black foil.

Next, I pulled out my Pasco Paint Pens and added some hand-painted detail with Black and White pens. Finally, you will want to topcoat with Modern Masters MasterClear to protect your gorgeous piece of artwork. To finish off my fall ombré acorn door hanger, I created a fun bow with ribbon and fall leaves and attached it with a glue gun! Now I have the perfect door hanger for fall. Supply List:

Xo, Jenn
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