Super Easy Gold Foiled Ceiling

Talk about an absolutely stunning wall or ceiling! This is an amazing and easy finish if your world needs a little bling! gold foiled ceiling

Super Easy Gold Foiled Ceiling

One of the fabulous things about this finish is it looks great on “knock-down” textured ceilings and walls! No need to float the surface first for this finish. You can achieve this look in any color you desire, we are featuring a Gold Ceiling. First, we started with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Olympic Gold, but Pale Gold will work as well. You will love the Modern Masters Metallic Paints. They paint on so well and most colors will give you coverage in two coats!


You will paint your ceiling or wall with two coats of olympic gold paint and allow it to dry overnight. Metallics can be soft and take a little longer to dry, so make sure you give them enough time to dry fully.

Then you will apply your Foil Adhesive to the entire surface. Just roll it on with a low nap roller. Allow the foil adhesive to dry for at least several hours. Remember you are working with metallic paint and you want to allow things to dry longer than normal.

Now, we will transfer the beautiful 14 Karat Gold Foil. Place your foil on the surface with the pretty side facing you and scrub/rub the foil to transfer it to the surface. You only want it to cover the high areas and not scrub it into the lower areas so that you will have both sheens from the paint and foil!

Lastly, you will need to topcoat this finish to seal over the foil adhesive that doesn't have foil on it. Make sure to use a gloss topcoat so you don't diminish your bling! 

Xo, Jenn

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