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So... We're Talking About Crackle This Week

Of course, this is another product that I have been obsessed with for many years (maybe even 30 years haha)!  I love anything that you can control the reaction and figure out new ways to control the reaction of the product (if possible)...  The mad scientist in me LOL :)

A few Monday's ago Jane Bellante, of Morning Dew Creations, showed my incredible followers how to use our Crystal Clear Crackle and Cracking Size during Retailer Spotlight (our new Facebook Live series featuring our amazing retailers).  If you missed the Facebook Live, you should definitely watch it. Here is the link for your convenience ;)

Let’s Talk About These Products & How To Use Them  

Crystal Clear Crackle will crack all on its own, but the cracks are going to be a super fine china crackle.  This fine crackle is so small that even with enhancing it is still hard to see and appreciate, but could be good for some projects if you need that fine or delicate of a crackle finish.

Jane Bellante, Morning Dew Creations


This is where the Cracking Size comes in and allows you to start to control the size of your cracks/islands.  If you apply a layer of the Cracking Size and allow to dry for several hours, then you can apply a layer of the Crystal Clear Crackle and sit back and watch it crack.  Well... I really don’t do that but after 30 to 60 minutes, it’s fun to check and see how much has cracked.  This application process is a thin layer of the Cracking Size and a little thicker application of the Crystal Clear Crackle.

From here we can start to adjust and control the size of cracks.  Just think of it as the more product the more reaction, which will provide larger cracks/islands.  If you apply an even thin layer of the Cracking Size and then apply a thicker layer of the Crystal Clear Crackle, the cracks will be larger.  If you want even larger cracks, you can apply a layer of the Cracking Size and allow it to dry and then apply another layer of the Cracking Size.  Allow this to dry for several hours and then apply a generous layer of the Crystal Clear Crackle.  Again this will provide you with even larger cracks/islands.

Jane Bellante, Morning Dew Creations


As for the Crystal Clear Crackle, the thicker you apply this product the larger the cracks will be, but you will also have to watch this product wanting to sag/drip if vertical application.  Best if you are looking for the largest cracks, to apply in a horizontal application if possible.

Now, if you want to just get crazy like me, you can start to create sample boards experimenting with different levels of products and taking notes on how to achieve the perfect size crackle for your project.  Or... you can just wing it like most and have fun with applying the Crystal Clear Crackle thin and thick for a variety of crack sizes.

Emily Kerley, Milkmaid Creations & Antiques

No matter what size cracks you create, this product is going to produce a clear crackle finish and it needs to be enhanced to see it well.  There are many ways to do this.  You can apply a layer of glaze to the crackle and the glaze color will settle down into the cracks, you can apply a wax finish over the crackle, and you can even enhance with Mica Powders.  You can use just about anything that is more transparent.  You just don’t want to use anything opaque over it.

Check out this awesome video done on my ArtsSyVille Crackle mediums by Morey of PAINTED studio.

If you have any questions with the application process, or you would like to share your experience, please comment below :)


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