Beautiful Foil Finish

Do you want to create a shiny, metallic foil finish on your craft projects? Or maybe even a beautiful foil finish accent wall? If you answered yes, then this is the perfect tutorial for you!

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to use a pouncing technique in order to get that reflective foil effect. This process requires no special equipment or materials other than a few sheets of metallic foils and foil adhesive.

Creating a Beautiful Foil Finish

First, I started with a black base to create the most depth and dimension in this finish.

Then I applied a layer of the Foil Adhesive and allowed this to dry for at least an hour. The longer it dries, the better the foil will release!

I used a combination of silver metallic foil colors for this project: Bright Silver, Titanium, and Pewter.

Let's get started...

First, you will wad up a sheet of foil. Make sure the pretty side is on the inside of your wad. Use this wadded-up foil to pounce onto the surface moving your hand around and trying to not pounce anything that is repetitive. Keep repositioning the foil to a new section and pounce across the entire surface applying as much coverage as desired.

Once you have applied as much coverage as desired with the Bright Silver Foil, you will then add the Titanium Foil, and Pewter Foil in the same manner. You will still see some of the black basecoat but continue to pounce until you have the coverage you want.

To finish your project, and protect your foils, add a couple of layers of Final Coat.

Xo, Jenn

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