Christmas Door Hanger

There is nothing more fun than creating something for your own home and I love creating seasonal door hangers! I am so excited to share with you how to create this super fun and easy Christmas Door Hanger! 


I started off with a large wooden blank. With so many possibilities, it was hard to choose which technique I wanted to use but I settled on using one of my decorative rollers.

I used our Texture Medium and applied a layer over the entire surface, this can be applied with a chip brush or trowel. Try and keep the texture medium about 1/8" to 1/16” thick.  Once you have the texture medium applied to 100% of the surface area, you will roll the Diamond Fauxy Roller through the wet material.  Roll as many passes that are needed to cover the complete surface.  Allow the texture medium to dry and then sand off any high areas that are rough.

Next, I painted the surface with DIY Paint in Blue Iris which was a color that matched the Cobalt Blue Foil.  You will paint the entire surface including the sides and allow them to dry.

If you are using chalk paint as I did, you will want to apply a layer of topcoat to seal the surface before heading to the next step.  I applied one layer of the Modern Masters MasterClear Topcoat.  Allow the topcoat to dry for several hours.

Now it’s time to apply the Foil Adhesive...

You will apply your foil adhesive to the top surface area and allow this to dry to a firm tack which will take about an hour.  Once the foil adhesive is dry, you will transfer the Silver Metallic Foil.  I didn’t want the foil to transfer into the lower areas where the Diamond roller made the impression, so I only rubbed the foil with a cloth and lightly scrubbed when necessary.

Then you will apply another layer or two of the Modern Masters MasterClear to protect the surface.

Now let’s get started on the "Merry Christmas"...

The cutout was base-coated with Bondago base-coat and primer in the color black. Then I allowed this to dry and then applied a layer of foil adhesive with a foam brush.  You will pounce the foil adhesive onto the top surface area only and allow this to dry to a firm tack.  Then you will transfer the Cobalt Blue foil using a scrub brush.  You will also want to protect the "Merry Christmas" with Modern Masters MasterClear as well.

I then glued the "Merry Christmas" wood cutout to the door hanger positioning it a little at an angle so that it would fit well.

Finally, you can drill a couple of holes to attach a ribbon or twine for hanging.  I even created a fun bow to attach to it as well! Now go hang it on your front door to welcome all your holiday guests!

Xo, Jenn

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