Crafters Convention 2019

What a fabulous experience this Convention was!! This group of creatives was extremely welcoming and I made so many new friends :)

I was welcomed by the attendees, vendors and Waterman’s Loft team with open arms.  This convention was geared towards “crafters” but they were mainly Wreath Makers and they made some incredibly beautiful wreaths.

Throughout my 30 plus years in business, I have always liked reaching out to new groups of creatives and meeting new people. Like I said, most of this group of creatives were Wreath Makers, so they didn't really know about my products. But... That is the fun part! I love getting to introduce my products to new people and see how they can find a new use for my products that will work with their craft!


Myself and Damon Oates

During the convention, I was chosen during the “After Dark with Damon” evening event to join Damon Oates on stage.  I was honored that I was able to create my very first wreath with the help of an amazing teacher/mentor.  Talk about learning from one of the best in the industry!  I had a private lesson in front of a few hundred peeps, and it was even on Live Stream.  It was a pretty funny evening, Scott Waterman and Damon Oates could have a comedy show.  During this 2 plus hours of crafting, telling jokes, a little dancing by Scott (and karaoke), I created an amazing whimsical Christmas Wreath. I loved it!!

Crafting with Damon Oates


And guess what y'all... I totally have a new appreciation for Wreath Makers!!  That Mesh can be pretty rough on the hands. I had a few battle wounds the next day! LOL! Layer by layer, pinching and twisting, adding tails, a cute little painted snowman, and some fabulous bows, this wreath was completed in the record time of 2.5 hours… LOL! :)


My Beautiful Finished Wreath

I really did learn a lot during this demonstration, to the point that I think I could do this again! (I may have to hope on a Scott or Damon FB Live for a refresher course LOL). I want to recreate the wreath I did on stage with Damon for my front door this year.  He had picked some of my FAV colors!  We had Teal, Red, Black, we had stripes, polka-dots, plaid, and glitter.  What else could this girl ask for? :)


Check Out My Foiled Jeans

I was also part of the line-up of presenters for day two of the convention.  I had a generous hour to present Foils and Rollers to this fun group.  OMGosh I really needed two hours!!  I shared as much information as I could about working with Foils, but there are so many different techniques and applications, it’s hard to teach them all at once.  I wanted to make sure they got their monies worth!!  I’m hoping for a two-hour time-slot next year... Did you hear that Scott?? :)

Being Introduced by Scott Waterman


I think and believe that it’s such a great experience to attend events like this one. There is time to meet fellow crafters/creatives, network, grow your knowledge and build community with a group of new friends.  Nothing can compare to hands-on learning, creating, and building lifelong friends.

I feel that everyone should pick at least one event each year to attend, invest in yourself and grow in your craft! You deserve it!

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Ashley and I Working the Booth

As I talk about this wonderful experience at Crafters Convention, I want to share that my wheels are spinning and you can most likely plan to attend an event hosted by yours-truly in 2020!! :)  I feel that there is such a need for this type of learning and community building that I’m crazy enough to just put one on myself.  As we research the details over the next couple of months, we will be sure to share as soon as we can so that you can pencil this event into your calendar for 2020.

Some words of wisdom... Make sure to not limit yourself, always be searching to expand your knowledge, try new things, get out of your comfort zone, always push yourself to be better, set goals that push you, surround yourself with like-minded people that inspire and motivate you!!

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