Crocodile Side Table Upcycle

This side table has had a few different finishes on it over the years! As a girl that likes to change her mind, sometimes it’s just time to update and do something different.

This crocodile side table upcycle was super fun to create and I am so excited to take you through the process of how easy it is to use the crocodile roller. Nothing better than a simple tabletop to show you this super cute and easy process!

Crocodile Side Table with crocodile pattern on top.

Crocodile Side Table Upcycle

First, I taped off the edges of the table where I wanted the finish to go. This helps to keep the finish only on the top surface of the table.

Then I used our ArtsSyVille Embellishments Texture Medium to apply a thin layer of texture to the surface area.  The texture medium only needs to be 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch thick. That’s all you need to get a great print from the rollers.

Just trowel on the texture medium using a trowel, spatula, or a chip brush if that’s all you have.

Let's get rolling...

Once you have the surface completely covered with the texture medium, you will use the crocodile roller to roll through the wet texture medium.  Line up the left edge of the roller with the left side of the tabletop and roll straight down for your first pass. Then just line up the left side of the roller with the last pass to keep it straight.

So easy and it looks awesome just rolling through the texture medium!  Allow the texture medium to dry for at least 4 hours (or as long as it takes to be completely dry).  Once the texture medium is dry, you will need to sand off the high/rough areas that are peaked.  Because this is a tabletop, I sanded to a smooth surface without losing any of the pattern/design.

Next, you will need to brush/clean off the surface after sanding. You don't want any "dust/particles" to get in your paint for the next part of this table transformation.

Let's add some color...

Apply two layers of the Modern Masters Metallic Paint in Pewter, for an even opaque coverage allowing each layer to dry.  Metallics can stay soft a little longer than regular paints, so allow to dry overnight before glazing.

Mix up your glaze mixture using the Golden Paintworks Glazing Medium and Van Dyke Brown Hue. I use 1 cup of glaze to 3 tablespoons of van dyke brown hue colorant.

Apply the glaze mixture to 100% of the surface area using a chip brush, making sure it's in all the groves of the crocodile texture.

Then using cheesecloth or a soft rag, you will remove the excess glaze wiping back and forth. Pulling off the top layer and leaving it in the recessed areas to create depth and dimension to the crocodile pattern.

Protect your project...

Allow the glaze to dry for at least a day, and then topcoat with the Golden Paintworks Topcoat in your favorite sheen for protection.

Side table with candle and magazine on it.

I would love to see any and all projects you create with our APS products!!

Xo, Jenn

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