Custom Crocodile Skin Table

This table has been around here for a while and it seems like it keeps getting a new look every couple of years! This time I turned it into a custom crocodile skin table and I must say it turned out pretty fabulous!

Not sure if this will be the last make-over it gets but it is staying like this for a while now :)

Custom Crocodile Skin Table

Custom Crocodile Skin Table

The last finish I did on this table had a crackle finish going around the entire edge of the table. I decided to save the crackle finish because using a roller over a curve is a little more challenging, so I taped off the edge to save it and make the project simpler.

[caption id="attachment_13909" align="aligncenter" width="610"]Before the Makeover Before the Crocodile Skin Patter[/caption]

Once everything was taped off, I troweled on a layer of my Texture Medium. Make sure to keep this thin.  It only takes about 1/16 to 1/8 inch thickness to see the patter. I used my favorite Japanese trowel (it’s the #165) which is great for small projects.

[caption id="attachment_13912" align="aligncenter" width="597"]Custom Crocodile Skin Table The Tools & Products[/caption]

While the texture medium was wet, I rolled the Crocodile Fauxy Roller across the surface butting each pass up to the next one until I had the surface all rolled.  These rollers are so easy to use and create the most fabulous projects!

Watch the Entire Process Below!

Now, you have to allow the Texture Medium to dry.

This could take several hours depending on how thick you applied the medium.  Once it’s dry, you will want to sand off the high areas so that it is smooth to the touch as well as even to set things on.  I used 120 grit sandpaper to smooth out the surface and then dusted off the surface well so it was ready for paint.

Custom Crocodile Skin Table

I chose one of my favorite metallic paints and colors Metallic Silver by Modern Masters. This paint covers so well, but you will still want to apply two coats to make sure you have complete coverage.  Then allow the paint to dry and next we will add a layer of glaze!

I mixed up a glaze using Golden Paintworks Glazing Medium and Van Dyke Brown Hue Colorant.  My mixture is about three tablespoons of colorant to 1 cup of glaze. You will want to mix up however much you need for your project.

Custom Crocodile Skin Table

Brush the glaze over the surface using a chip brush and make sure to get 100% coverage. Then while it’s wet, you will wipe off the excess using Cheesecloth.  Use a soft touch and wipe back in forth to allow the glaze to remain in the low areas, while you wipe off the higher areas and create depth.  Allow your project to dry overnight.

Custom Crocodile Skin Table

Lastly, you will want to make sure and protect your project with a great topcoat. I used Golden Paintworks Topcoat in Satin and applied several coats. But who knows... I may end up doing an Epoxy pour over the top. We will see :)

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