Custom DIY Bulletin Boards

This is such a fun and easy project that everyone can do! I think everyone needs to have a bulletin board in their home, office, or even dorm room. You always need a really cute place to “pin” those important papers, show off some really cute pictures, and hang those holiday cards you know are going to start showing up in the mail any day now LOL

I started with a bulletin board that I had purchased, who knows how long ago. I think I bought it for a class I was teaching years ago. Don't you just love finding things around the studio that you can turn into beautiful works of art??

I grabbed some of my favorite DIY Paints, Seaglass, Mermaid Tail and Hey Sailor.  Then I got some water to dilute the paints to create a soft wash of color and create my own version of a color blend technique.

More of a visual learner?? You can watch the entire process below.

Once the background color was dry, I moved on to the frame. I decided I wanted to make it "pop" a little more, so I used the Hey Sailor DIY Paint color. I just brushed on two coats.

Then I had to break out one of my favorite stencils, Nora Paige. I stenciled the Nora Paige design with Hey Sailor and Crinoline DIY Paint colors.

You can watch the entire process below :)

Embellishing your bulletin/cork board is a lot of fun! You can customize one for your office, home, dorm room, the possibilities are endless. It is so easy with some paint and stencils! These would make the most perfect and special gift for all your loved ones :)

Here is another video I did on showing several different techniques on the unpainted corkboard!

I hope you enjoyed this project! I can't wait to see what y'all create :)

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