Custom Throw Pillows

I found these pillow covers at Hobby Lobby and choose the neutral color knowing this would go with my couch. I am so excited to show you how I created custom throw pillows.

They are great for customization and allow you to be able to create something that is unique and just the right touch of what you need for your home.

I love decorative pillows on my couch and can’t always seem to find what I’m looking for at the stores (and they are way more expensive than I’m willing to pay)!

Custom Throw Pillows DIY

I was wanting some pattern and color for the room and choose a large stencil design that would cover the entire side of the pillow.

I first took the stencil outside and used the Repositionable Spray Adhesive on the back of the stencil.  We don't want the stencil to move while we are using it, so this will keep it in place.

I positioned the stencil onto the canvas pillow cover and secured it into place with tape.

Then I used the Deco Foil Fusible Spray Adhesive over the stencil design.  Just spray over the openings to create an even layer and allow it to dry for about 10 minutes.

Grab your iron and set it to medium heat. You will want to test how hot your iron gets and do a small sample first before you work on your actual project.

Then the hardest part is deciding on which Metallic Foil to use!!  I finally decided on the Wild Leopard Spots Gold Small. I like sneaking in my animal prints anywhere I can!!

Custom Throw Pillow

Once the Fusible Spray Adhesive has set up for 10 minutes, you can lay the foil over the entire design with the pattern side facing you.  Then you can either iron directly over the foils or put a piece of parchment paper down first and iron over the parchment paper to make sure you don’t have your iron too hot.

When ironing, make sure to keep the iron moving at all times. Iron over all the design/foil for at least a minute or two making sure all areas have been heated up and transferred to the adhesive.

Foils are a cool release, so make sure once you are done ironing you allow the foils to completely cool before removing.

That’s it folks, nothing else to do but enjoy this amazing, fun, and easy project!!

Washing tips:  Wash inside out, cold water, delicate cycle, and hang to dry. NO DRYER!!

Xo, Jenn

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