DIY Custom Lazy Susan

Now, this was a fun (and super useful) project :) These DIY Lazy Susan's can be customized to fit any kitchen or dining room table! You can even make a Custom Lazy Susan for holidays or events.

First I started with a 1" Pine Round Board I found at home depot. You can grab one HERE (affiliate link) on my Amazon Shop. I took the time to sand down the rough areas and then primed/painted the round with Bondago Black paint/primer. I put on two coats for complete coverage.

Then I grabbed my Foil Adhesive and applied full coverage to the top and sides of the round and allowed it to dry for an hour or better. Foil Adhesive needs to dry to a firm tack before you apply your foil, so letting it dry longer is better.

Next, it was time to make the difficult decision on which foil to choose.  With so many choices, it made it difficult for me to choose. But... this project was going in my home, so I kept in the black/white theme and chose the Dominic Flowers Umber Foil.

I cut several pieces of the foil to make it easier to apply to the round. Then I started to lay the foil over the tacky surface and used a soft cloth to smooth it out.  If you are wanting full coverage, you will want to grab a scrub brush and scrub the foil surface to get the best transfer. I continued to piece together several pieces of foil until I had the top and sides completely foiled.

Lastly, it was time to protect this beautiful piece. I used Final Coat and applied about four coats to give it great protection. The Final Coat dries in about 10 minutes, so you can apply layer after layer fairly quickly.

To turn this beautiful project into a true lazy susan, I found this great base that you don’t even have to attach. With the heavy large round, you just set it on top and you have your Lazy Susan!! You can find it HERE (affiliate link).

Wasn't that a fun project?? If you try this Custom Lazy Susan project, let me know! I would love to see what you created :) Email me pictures at

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