DIY Rustic Farmhouse Sign

This project was not only super fun but is a great addition to our entryway! This DIY rustic farmhouse welcome sign can be hung by your front door to hold keys, hats, or even a coat!

This project started with a dangerous trip to Hobby Lobby LOL! Y’all know what I mean...  It never fails that I go there for one or two items, and I come home with a truckload!

Rustic Farmhouse "Welcome" Sign

The wooden plaque and welcome wood letters came from Hobby Lobby and the hooks were purchased from Amazon.

You will start by base coating both the plaque and welcome in the Bondago Black with full coverage.

Once your basecoat is dry, you will apply your Foil Adhesive to the top side of the plaque. Allow the foil adhesive to dry for at least an hour until it drys to a firm tack.

Once the foil adhesive is dry, you will transfer the Indian Bronze metallic foil or any color you like best.  Lay the foil over the surface with the design side facing up and rub/scrub the surface with a plastic bristle brush.  This process will transfer the foil to the surface.

Now, let’s work on the wooden "Welcome"

Since we've already base-coated the letters in Black Bondago we are ready for the next step. I painted the topside only with DIY Paint in the color Faded Burlap and allowed it to dry.

Next, I distressed the faded burlap using cheesecloth and water.  Just spray the cheesecloth with water and rub the surface. Remove as much as you want to distress the paint.

Finally, you will topcoat everything with your favorite product. We love to use Golden Paintworks Topcoat, Modern Masters MasterClear, and Final Coat.

Glue the "Welcome" to the plaque and add some decorative hooks!

You can add a rope to hang or attach to the wall with screws.

Xo, Jenn

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