Dollar Tree Flower Pots DIY

I found a large display of mini flower pots at the Dollar Tree a month ago and just couldn't help myself! I bought way too many of these! But, they were so cute and I figured I could use them for many different projects because I love small containers.

Dollar Tree Flower Pots DIY

First, I cleaned the pots with a damp cloth to remove all of the dust and then allowed them to dry completely.

Next, I primed them with our Paint/Primer Bondago everywhere I wanted to apply my metallic foils. I painted the complete outside (yes, even the bottom) and on the inside. Allow them to dry completely.

After the flower pots dried, I applied my Foil Adhesive to the entire pot. When brushing on the foil adhesive, put a small amount out on a foam plate and add a tiny bit of water (about 1-2%) to thin it down so that it will brush smoother. Make sure to apply neat brush strokes, this product does not self-level and you could see your brush strokes through the foils. So make sure and be neat with those strokes! Allow the foil adhesive to dry for at least one hour, the longer the better.

Mini flower pots covered in cheetah print.

Then grab some of your favorite foils and transfer them to the flower pots. I used two of my favorites, Wild Leopard Spots Gold Large and Wild Leopard Spots Gold Small. I mixed them together on the pots, using one of them on the base and the other on the rim. Transfer one section at a time, creating a transition line at the bottom of the rim area. Use a plastic scrub brush to transfer the foils.

Lastly, you need to protect these pots! I used our Modern Masters MasterClear Supreme Satin Finish and applied it everywhere, inside and outside of the pots. Make sure you seal them 100%, if water absorbs into the inside of the pot, it will want to push the foils off of the pot. Apply two good coats at 100% coverage.

Mini flower pots covered in cheetah print with pink and white flowers planted in them.

Plant your favorite seasonal flowers and find a windowsill to proudly show off these adorable pots!

Xo, Jenn

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