Fauxy Rollers: The Creative Tool You Need

Do you ever get in a creative rut? Are you ready to start your next DIY project but don't have any inspiration? I have the perfect tool to help you get those creative juices flowing! Fauxy Rollers! My collection of Decorative Art Rollers come in over 50 different patterns and you are sure to find the pattern that is going to spark that inspiration.

Rollers are a fantastic tool to have in your Creative Tool Chest, one of those tools you can grab and create with on a whim! They are sure to bring inspiration with all the different and fun patterns.

Nothing like a little texture and design to enhance a boring piece of furniture. Rollers are wonderful with Texture, Paint, Glaze, and Stains :)

They can embellish just about anything! I mean the possibilities have seemed pretty endless with the beautiful projects my customers have created. Here is a fabulous collection of projects that our customers have created over the years.


WOW! My customers are so talented :) I love getting to see all the beautiful projects all of you create!!

Are you ready to jump on the Roller train?? Snag your favorite patterns HERE!

Want to learn how to be the best "Roller" possible?? Check out these tutorials HERE!

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