Getting Creative with Foils

This was a super fun project that can be created for just about anywhere in your home that you are needing decoration! Getting creative with foils will allow you to create a custom sign for just about any occasion or holiday.

Getting Creative with Foils

I started with two items that I found at Hobby Lobby. I purchased a family cutout and plaque that I’m sure were 40% off! This girl always loves a good sale at my local Hobby Lobby and Michael’s!

I first painted everything with Black Bondago, which you know I love to use!  You will allow this to dry completely and then you will apply a layer of Foil Adhesive.

Next, you will brush on the foil adhesive with either a foam brush or an artist brush. Apply one layer of the foil adhesive to the top layer of both surfaces (plaque and family cutout).  The foil adhesive will be milky white when applied. Allow the foil adhesive to dry for at least an hour or better.

I used two different foils for this project, Copper Bronze Crackle, and Aberdean. Aberdean has been discontinued but our Indian Bronze Foil is very similar. DO NOT crinkle the Indian Bronze foil as I showed in the video with the Aberdean foil. Indian Bronze foil is a super easy release foil and the metallization will come off the carrier.

I used Copper Bronze Crackle foil on the plaque and then I used Aberean foil (you can use Indian Bronze foil) on the word family.   Just transfer as shown in the video.  Lay the foil pretty side facing you over the tacky foil adhesive and scrub until you like the transfer.

Topcoat both pieces with our Golden Paintworks Topcoat in gloss and allow to dry. Then glue the family cutout onto the plaque. I used Aleene’s Tacky glue which worked great.

You're all done! Just find the perfect place to hang your project in your home!

Xo, Jenn

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