Halloween Door Hanger

It's just about time to get started on all of your Halloween projects, and I want to give you as much inspiration as possible. On a recent trip to the Dollar Tree, I found this super cute Halloween Door Hanger.

Halloween Door Hanger

I think I may make the Dollar Tree a weekly trip. They always have new stuff, and it’s cute and affordable!

So... I grabbed this cute wood cutout, "Happy Halloween" and thought it would be a great start to my Halloween Door Hanger!

Halloween Door Hanger

Loving all the foils in September's Foil Club Collection, I picked the Purple Rain, Orange, and Melody to foil the cutout.

As usual, I base coated the cutout in Black Bondago and allowed it to dry for a few hours. I applied with a pouncing technique to make sure the paint wasn't dripping all over the place.  Then I applied the Foil Adhesive, the same pouncing technique, and allowed this to dry for at least one hour.

Now you are ready to transfer your foils...

I was careful to cut small pieces and foil the Bats first with the Melody foil, which then made is easier to foil the words "Happy Halloween".  Last but not least, I foiled the pumpkin with the Orange foil.  To finish it off, I applied a layer of the Golden Paintworks Topcoat in Gloss.

Now onto the Door Hanger...

I already had my Banner Door Hanger (which you can purchase through our studio by calling), and I created a really cool texture to foil on.

To create this texture I used my Texture Medium and the Jagged Lines roller. Then I painted it in Black Bondago, and then foiled in the Orange foil. I only transferred a little of the foil to enhance the texture of the roller pattern. Make sure to catch the video for the application process here:

I add our Berkeley Silver foil to the backside. I hang my door hanger on our screen door, which means both sides have to look awesome!!

Now it’s time to adhere the "Happy Halloween" cutout to the Banner, and embellish with some ribbons. Yes, all the ribbons were purchased from Dollar Tree as well!

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