Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive

I have been playing around with our new Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive and everything we can create with this product!

This Vinyl Adhesive is designed to be used with your Cricut or Silhouette Cameo, or any machine that you have that will cut vinyl.

Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive

Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive

I bought my Silhouette Cameo at the first of the year and had so many plans for it, but there is a learning curve to using these vinyl cutters.  I personally skipped the learning part and have had someone take my designs and convert them for me... That way I can just enjoy cutting the vinyl and not have to worry about the tech part!

Fun is exactly what I’m having these days!  Especially now that I found this new vinyl adhesive to create with.  With my Cameo, I can create any design my heart desires and cut the creation to the size needed.  When cutting the vinyl adhesive, you cut the design backward in the vinyl and cut it on the frosted side of the vinyl.  Then we weed out all parts that you don’t need.

Cricut Design

Once you have weeded the design, you will place it onto the surface that you want to transfer the adhesive too.  You can transfer to any fabric and I have been having fun doing some tank tops for the summer.

Lay the t-shirt out and smooth out the surface of any wrinkles. Then place the Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive design at the desired location.  Using an iron on low setting, iron the backing of the vinyl adhesive for a few seconds, maybe 5 to 10.  You will see it go from frosted to clear.  After you iron, carefully pull away the backing making sure that all of the design elements have adhered to the surface.

Now your design is ready to foil!

So grab your favorite foil pattern and place it over your vinyl adhesive design.  Using your iron once again, iron over the foil for about 15 to 20 seconds making sure that it is adhering to all parts and then let it cool down.  These foils are a cold release, so you want it to cool first.  Once it has completely cooled off, remove the foil. You will for sure WOW all of your friends and family with your new designs!

This can also be used with a Heat Press on about 325 degrees, press the vinyl adhesive into place for 3 seconds, and then transfer the foil at the same temperature for about 5 to 10 seconds.

I Love My Animal Print Faith Tank Tops!!

Silhouette Cameo Design

Just a note...

Make sure that when transferring on t-shirt fabric that you have a shirt that fits pretty well. This vinyl doesn’t stretch, so you don't want your t-shirt to stretch when you wear it.

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