How to Create a Weathered Wood Finish

Can you imagine a beautiful, weathered wood finish without the work? Well, it turns out that you can create a weathered wood finish simply by using paint and few other items you can find in our shop.

How to Create a Weathered Wood Finish

I love to create and pretty much finish anything! So one day I was looking for an old-looking weathered wood background. Creating this amazing finish was a breeze with my new secret trick!

Get your hands on some of our: Texture Medium, a Corduroy Tool, Glazing Medium, and Colorants in White & Van Dyke Brown Hue. That's all you need!

This is a really neat technique to do some weathered wood-looking surfaces. The first thing you want to do is apply the texture medium onto your surface area, which can be done either by troweling or brushing it on with a chip brush. Make sure that this layer isn't more than about 1/8" thick at most.

Once covered and dry, just use the corduroy tool horizontally over every part of where there's been applied texture. Make long strokes going back and forth for best results!

My hand showing how to use the Corduroy tool

After you've let your project dry, sand off the high areas and smooth it out a little. Depending on what kind of job you want to do will determine how much time or effort goes into this step.

Creating a glaze mixture is the key to perfecting this look. You can use any clear glazes mixed with Van Dyke Brown Hue and some white for the right color.

A piece of woof and a paint brush paining on a layer of brown paint.

Then just brush it on and wipe off the excess glaze using some cheesecloth or a soft rag. Allow it time to dry before top coating!

A hand holding cheese cloth and wiping off some of the brown paint.

That's it! Add some laser cut words or hooks and you have a fabulous Weathered Wood project.

Now that you have the basics on how to create an old-looking weather wood decorative finish, it’s time for your next project. I want to see a photo of what you make, so we can all admire your work! Send us a message with your masterpiece to 714-202-9356.

Xo, Jenn

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