HTV: Christmas Tree Holiday T-Shirt

With Christmas only a few days away, I wanted to re-create an HTV Christmas Tree holiday t-shirt I saw online and absolutely loved. Having a Cameo to create custom designs for my projects is so much fun, and I’m super lucky that I have a FRIEND that helps with all the designing!!

HTV: Christmas Tree Holiday T-Shirt

HTV: Christmas Tree Holiday T-Shirt

My friend Crystal created a few designs that I have been wanting for a couple of projects I had in mind. The Christmas Tree and Snowflakes are the first of many different designs to come.

I used Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive to create these one-time-use adhesive stencils.  To create your own, you will need some type of vinyl cutter. A Cameo, Cricut, or whatever you have will work perfectly.  Make sure to put the setting on Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive when cutting your designs.

I’m super lucky that Crystal sends me the file that imports directly into the program. All I have to do is cut the design. Make sure if you are cutting a design with a word in it that you mirror the design!

HTV Cameo Weeding

Once you cut the design into the HTV Adhesive...

You get to have the fun project of “weeding” out the parts you don’t need.  With HTV Adhesive you remove all the negative pieces that are around the design itself, leaving the trees and snowflakes on the clear stick backing.  Make sure to remove all the little pieces, and that nothing is stuck on the sections you are going to transfer other than the design itself.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

For this project...

I cut apart the stencil so I could place each element individually. I used the main Christmas tree first and transferred the vinyl adhesive to the surface by ironing it on. You can also use a Heat Press if you have one.  Release the clear backing when it’s warm and then place a piece of foil over the HTV adhesive and iron on the foil to the adhesive.  Allow the foil to completely cool before removing it (our foils are a cool release).

HTV: Christmas Tree Holiday T-Shirt

Position your next design element and cover everything with parchment paper to protect the sections that have already been foiled.  Repeat the steps above until you have transferred and foiled all the design elements.

My Green Shirt

Christmas Tree Holiday T-shirt

Foils used:  Cheetah Silver, Leopard Bronze, Leopard Blue/Teal, Cheetah Gold, Coy Cheetah Gold, Red Glitter Stars, Confetti Green, Twinkle Silver, Sparkle Gold

My Red Shirt

Christmas Tree Holiday T-shirt

Foils used:  Wild Leopard Spots Small Gold, Wild Leopard Spots Small Silver, Leopard Bronze, and Leopard Silver

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