I Fell In Love With Epoxy

I fell in love with Epoxy a little over a year ago.  It caught my attention several years back, but it wasn't until I attended a workshop led by one of my friends, Rhonda Draculous from RK3 Designs,  that it became a love affair. Once I saw the application process I was hooked...

For the past 30 plus years, all of my creative decorating applications have required multiple layers.  I applied each layer and allowed it to dry, before applying multiple more layers. The process allows the creative soul to build depth and texture on a wall or piece of furniture. The results are beautiful, but it is usually a lengthy process.

My Introduction to Epoxy

When I visited Rhonda at a workshop in Vegas, I discovered that all of the creative applications of epoxy can be done from start to finish in one pass (for the most part)!

The epoxy can be endlessly customized! We let our creativity run wild by using tinted and clear epoxy as well as adding colors with spray paint and mica powders.  I love how we could create all the movement and interest of different techniques in just `one pass.

This new process was so fascinating to me. I've never been allowed to have so much creativity in one application! I couldn't stop syaing, "This is sooooooooo cool!" LOL!

The Next Step

Rhonda and I figured out how to hang out a little more during the year... We are combining interests, mixing our creative worlds, and co-teaching a class together!  Her extensive epoxy knowledge combined with my 30 years of decorative painting make for the perfect creative workshop.

I have spent the last year or so working with Rhonda to expand my understanding of the many different epoxy techniques.  It has been a wonderful learning a new medium AND getting to hangout with one of my favorite people ever!  I have loved being her mentor for years, and it's awesome I now get to learn from her too.

When I began my epoxy journey, I did not know where it would take me. The further I journeyed, the more I fell in love with epoxy and knew I had to incorporate it into my world.

I’m retired from contracting so I knew that I wasn’t interested in doing countertops or large applications, but I wanted to see how I could incorporate the epoxy into my creative work.  It really did take me some time to figure out all of its many uses and how to share it with my customers.

The first product that I worked with was only available in large amounts and they didn’t have retailers. I really liked the product but it didn’t quite fit into my world.

Finding the Right Epoxy

A local friend told me about a new product that is manufactured locally and gave me a sample to play with.  OMGosh I really didn’t think I would find something I liked better... but I did!!

And it is called, Liquid Glass Epoxy! Not only is this product created in California (I can drive and pick up my orders), it’s packaged in small quantities for the crafter. Currently we are carrying sizes of 8oz, 16oz and 32oz!

These sizes are perfect for the projects my audience & I. While the first epoxy I was introduced to was the right size for countertops, the Liquid Glass Epoxy is great for projects like coasters, trays, cups and maybe even a tabletop. There are truly so many different possibilites, just use your imagination!


Check out how I created these cornhole boards here!

We are proud to be offering this epoxy product to our customers & if you ever have any questions, please reach out!

I will be sharing many different epoxy applications and techniques, and how to incorporate them into your crafts.  Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel where we will be posting new videos every week. 


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