Let’s Create A Faux Wood Floor

I love it when my wonderful customers share their projects and this one is simple and fabulous!!

Not only do we have written instructions for you but also a video that Gabriella made to show the process! How awesome is that???

Gabriella started with a base of Sunset Prairie paint by Fusion Paint.  For those of you who don’t have Fusion Paint here's a color from the Benjamin Moore fan deck that would be comparable... York Harbor Yellow 2154-40.

Then Gabriella taped off sections to create wood planks, making it look like real wood.  You can tape off any size planks you want, but the Wood Grain roller is 7” wide.

She then mixed up a couple of glazes and paint 50/50.  We would use Golden Paintworks Glaze and Modern Masters Coffee Bean colorant to make the first glaze and the second glaze would just be the Modern Masters Black Colorant.  Brush the Brown glaze onto the surface and then add some of the Black glaze to create some variance in the color and planks.  While the glaze is wet, roll through it with the Wood Grain Roller to create the pattern.  Gabriella used a brush to create more texture and grain effects on the faux wood floor.  Allow the glaze to completely dry (this should take overnight) and then tape off the next sections.

Make sure to clear coat with a really good topcoat to protect the surface!

I love this!!

Gabriella got so excited when she was doing this that she walked right through the wet paint...  That is something I would do!! LOL!

Project #2

Here is another project that was created with the Wood Grain roller using a different technique.

I started with a concrete floor and all I did for prep was clean it, and I can say I’m sure I didn’t do a really good job!  LOL!

I used our Converter Bar to convert the Wood Grain Roller to our Stamping Roller Handle.  This allowed me to create a positive application and just roll the pattern onto the concrete floor.

I used the General Finishes Chalk Paint Chapen Gray to load onto the Sponge Applicator.  Then I just rolled the design onto the floor, one pass after another to create the look of wood planks.

Once the paint was dry, I added some hand details where needed, like the area that the roller can’t reach or areas that I just couldn’t get to because there is a permanent ladder there.  I also added a stencil design (Hampton Medallion) randomly for more character.

Either technique will create a fabulous Faux wood floor and it’s fun and easy with the Wood Grain Roller.

Grab yourself some product and get rollin' :)

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