Let’s Enhance Your Garden With Foils

Yes, you heard that right... Why not bling up your gardening hat, boots, apron, gloves, and tools?? Such a fun way to customize anything and everything you have!

I’m so blessed to have such amazing Retailers!!  Terri Cosby, of The Creator’s Vintage Store, took my foils to the garden and what a fabulous idea it was.  I absolutely love all the creativity in this network of retailers and how they are so willing to try and experiment with different surfaces and just see if things will work.  You know that’s what it’s all about...  Just trying and seeing what all my Foil Adhesive and Foils will adhere to.

Let’s Check Out Some Of The Projects Terri Created

First, look at this adorable hat!!

Terri used the ArtsSyVille Embellishments Foil Adhesive and the Baylee Foil pattern to create this entire collection.

Foiled Garden Set by Terrie

Look at this beautiful sphere that Terrie created!! And it’s not her first, she’s done two of these and OMGosh they are amazing!!  But, you will never believe that this is just an old bowling ball...  YES!! It’s just a bowling ball blinged with our Pebbles Foil!!

Bronze Pebbles Foil

Blue Pebbles Foil

If you are new to the art of Foils... here are some of the basics:

First, apply a layer of the Foil Adhesive to your surface by brush or roller.  Try to smooth out your application marks (this product does not self-level, so try to create a smooth application), then allow it to dry for at least 30 minutes to an hour.  The longer the better!  It dries to a “firm tack” and never beyond, but it is best to allow it to dry for several hours if possible, to get it to a harder firm tack for the best transfer possible.

Once the Foil Adhesive is at a firm tack, you will then take one of our fabulous foils and lay it over the adhesive.  Make sure that the “pretty side” is facing up, then you can rub the foil with a soft cloth and then peak underneath to see how much transfer you have and if it’s not enough you can use a scrub brush (stiff plastic bristles work great) and scrub the back of the foil (make sure to only scrub in one direction).

Peak again under the foil to see how fabulous the foil transfer is and then remove the plastic carrier.  You will need to protect your foils with a good top coat and check the sheens on a sample board to make sure you are getting the look you want.

Ready to learn more?? Head HERE to check out my YouTube Channel.


More of Terrie's Garden Set:

Foiled Watering Can

Foiled Garden Hat


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