Upcycled Sofa Table

Here is a great make-over project for your Home Décor! I am so excited to share this gorgeous upcycled sofa table I created with some of my favorite foils!

Upcycled Sofa Table

This was an old sofa table that needed a make-over! I gave it a little update to match the current colors and décor of our home!

This piece had already been primed and was ready to go, so started by base coating it in Black Bondago. This was the best color choice for the foils I wanted to use! Black Bondago is such a great product to base coat with under the foils. The adhesive properties are wonderful and also provide a sealed surface for the foil adhesive to work at its best!

Once the entire piece was base coated, I allowed it to dry overnight.

I decided to create an elongated diamond shape on the top of the table and measured the table vertical and horizontal to get the center points of all four sides. Then I used a ruler to connect the points.

Next, you will tape off the diamond shape and apply the Foil Adhesive inside the diamond shape using a low nap roller and smooth out all your application marks. Continue to tape off the areas that you want to put your different foils. I used the same pattern on top in the diamond as well as on the front and sides of the table. Apply the foil adhesive to those areas as well and allow to dry for at least an hour or better.

Once the foil adhesive has dried for an hour or better, you will transfer your foils. I started with the Ramsey Rose Silver Foil on the top of the table. You will apply the foil to the surface with the pretty side facing up and smooth it out with a soft rag. Then use a scrubber brush to transfer as much of the foil design as desired.

Once you have transferred foils to the top of the table...

You will clear coat the foil in the diamond section with a top coat to protect the surface. I used our Golden Paintworks Gloss Topcoat and applied two coats before removing the tape.

Then you will continue to foil the other areas that the foil adhesive is dry and ready for transfer. I chose Ramsey Rose for all of these sections. You can use a toothbrush, scrub brush, or even your fingernails to get into the edges and corners.

I also created an elongated diamond on the front of the drawer and started using the other foil design, Leopard Silver! Follow the video instructions for more detail and apply the top coat after each section.

Once you are done with the first foil...

Remove the tape and then tape off the sections needed for your other foil option.

You will apply the foil adhesive again in the open areas, allow them to dry, and then transfer the leopard print foil on all the rest of the table sections.

Once everything is done, you will apply another full coat of topcoat to protect the entire piece and enjoy!

Don't you just love working with foils and the endless possibilities?? Every project can be enhanced and updated with the Art of Foiling!!

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