Update Your Wardrobe with Foils

We LOVE our foils and all that you can create with them.  So let’s not forget those jeans that you already own that could use a little extra flair! Update your current wardrobe with a little foil 😍

Using our metallic foils on fabric is really easy and I’m going to take you through the steps of how I updated these stylish jeans!

Update Your Wardrobe with Foils

First, you want to pick out the foil you would like to use and make sure it is one of our Textile Foils. All foils on our website have a description box and at the bottom, it will indicate if it’s a textile foil or not.

Then you will need to grab some of our Deco Foil Spray Fabric Adhesive for this project along with the beautiful Nora Paige Stencil.

I prefer to use a hard surface when transferring foils to any fabric. I like to use the iron with some pressure for the best release.

Smooth out the area of the jeans that you want to foil.  Take your stencil outside and spray the back of it with our Stencil Repositionable Spray Adhesive and allow this to tack up for a minute or two. Then you will position your stencil on your jeans where you want the foil.  I decided to add the stencil to the bottom of the pant legs and at an angle.

Now for some stenciling...

Tape the Nora Paige stencil in place and then tape off the part of the design you are not going to use.  Completely tape around the outside of the stencil to create a barrier for overspray, so that the adhesive doesn’t get anywhere else but in the stencil openings.  Make sure that the stencil is secured to the surface so that no over-spray gets under the design as well (that’s what the Stik-it is for).

Shake the Deco Foil Spray Fabric Adhesive really well before using and then hold about 6 to 8 inches from your surface and spray the openings of the design. The adhesive should look white but not thick when done properly.  Remove the stencil and clean it as soon as you are done. We like using Awesome from the Dollar Tree to help clean the adhesive off of the stencil.   Allow the adhesive to set for at least ten minutes and then you will be ready to transfer your foil.

Grab your iron...

Turn on your iron and set it to medium heat to start with.  Every iron is different so best to be careful the first time.

Jeans stenciled with a silver floral pattern

While the iron is heating up, cut a piece of foil large enough to cover the stenciled design and lay it over it with the pretty/color/pattern side facing you.  Then cover the foil with parchment paper and iron.  Keep moving the iron over the surface using some pressure for about a minute or two.

With jeans, you will find that you have to really push where the stitching is or any place there is a seem.  Take your time and make sure that you have ironed over the complete design. Then allow the foil to completely cool off.  DO NOT remove the foil while it is hot.  Once the foils have completely cooled off, just peel the foil off of the stenciled design and you will have a beautifully foiled stencil design on your project.  I stenciled both sides of each leg.

Women dressed in a paint covered apron and jeans.

To care for you project, wash inside/out on delicate cycle and NO DRYER. There could be a little foil that comes off over time but for the most part it all stays right where you put it!!

Just think of the possibilities with all these fabulous foils! If you try this awesome project, please share pictures with us 😁 You can text them to us at 714-202-9356

Xo, Jenn

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