Custom Epoxy Tumbler

Creating a custom epoxy tumbler is one of my favorite projects!  You can find tumblers everywhere (Walmart, Amazon, etc.) and I personally prefer to buy ones that are colored.

I try and order the colors I want to work on even though I’m going to prime them as well.  Yes, it is important to prepare the surface and prime for the best results.

Custom Epoxy Tumbler

First thing I always do is sand the surface to get a little “tooth” and then clean with Alcohol.  After this, try to keep your hands off the surface as to not transfer any oils back to the surface.

Then prime your tumbler. I love working with Bondago Paint & Primer all in one or Rust O-leum 2X paint/primer as my base coat.  I always choose a color that will complement the foils I will be using.  Allow this basecoat time to dry for several hours.

Then you will want to apply a layer of our Foil Adhesive to the surface. You will brush this onto the tumbler and if needed, you can add a little water to the foil adhesive (maybe 1 to 2%).  The water will allow it to brush on smoother.  Allow the foil adhesive to dry overnight for best results or at least 2 to 3 hours.

I used one of our most popular metallic foils, Copper Green Slade.  You will lay the foil out (pretty side facing you) and transfer to the surface by rubbing or scrubbing with a plastic bristle brush.  Remove the carrier once the foil has transferred to the tumbler.

Now it’s time to mix up our Liquid Glass Epoxy. I like mixing in one container adding B first and then A of equal parts.  Mix up well using a stir stick, mix for at least 2 minutes.

I added some Gold Dust to the epoxy for a little added bling. This is just an option, you do not have to add the gold dust.

Then using your gloved hand or a foam brush apply the epoxy to the tumbler as it is spinning on the cup turner.  Make sure all areas are covered well and check as it turns.

I used a blow torch to bring all the bubbles to the surface and clear the epoxy while it spun. Then you will leave your tumbler spinning for about 7 hours or overnight.

I recommend applying two coats of epoxy for the best results.  Lightly sand first coat, clean with alcohol, and apply another coat of epoxy.

Allow your tumbler to cure for 30 days for best results! This will allow the epoxy to achieve its hardest film and it will last longer.

Now it's time to enjoy your favorite cold beverages in your new one-of-a-kind tumbler! These have been so fun to make and I use them all the time!

Xo, Jenn

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