Custom Roller Skates

We always say that you can FOIL EVERYTHING...  So, we put the foils to a fun test to update my step-daughter's (Amber) roller skates. Let me just tell ya, creating these custom roller skates was a blast!

Amber is obsessed with roller skating and is pretty darn good at it as well.  I'm not really sure how the conversation ever started, because I have no memory left, but somehow we got to talking about her old skates and giving them an update!  Oh, it might have been when she saw the Groovy Kaleidoscope Foil for the first time... She fell in LOVE with that foil, everything about Groovy Kaleidoscope screams Amber!

A young blonde girl wearing overall jeans and colorful roller skates.

Custom Roller Skates w/ Metallic Foils

That's the backstory on how this project began! Now onto the foiling... I had to do a little testing at first because the skates are suede leather and I wanted to make sure what was going to be the best application for not only the best results but also the most comfortable application as well. I didn't want to make the leather stiff because that would not be very fun to skate in.

So... I tried multiple applications to get the best results.

One test was applying the Bondago black paint as my base coat and then applying the Foil Adhesive and foiling over it.  This did provide the best results but also made the leather stiffer.

This is why I also tried just applying the foil adhesive directly to the leather and using it at full strength. Applying the foil adhesive liberally making sure it didn't all soak into the suede.

My second test worked great as well! The main difference between the two application processes was that over the bondago black paint, the foils appeared to transfer a little shinier. Amber didn't care about this, she just loved the new look and was super excited about her updated skates!

The application process... 

First, you will want to apply a full layer of Foil Adhesive at full strength (do not water down).  Then add a second layer of going over suede leather to make sure it doesn't all soak into the leather.  Allow this to dry for at least two hours before trying to transfer your foils.

Once the foil adhesive has dried to a nice firm tack, apply your favorite foil over the surface with the pretty side facing you and scrub the foils onto the surface.  I put my hand on the inside of the skate to give resistance when scrubbing the foil onto the surface.

To finish and protect your fabulous skates, you will want to apply two coats of our Final Coat in Semi-Gloss. Now you are ready to WOW all your friends with your custom roller skates!

Xo, Jenn

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