Decorative Rollers: Furniture & Wall Projects

Sometimes we don't know where to start for our next project...  So I wanted to gather a few different projects together to help provide you with a little inspiration for your next project. These Decorative Roller projects have not only been created by me, Jennifer, but my customers, retailers, and friends!

With over 50 different patterns to choose from, the technique you decide to use, the texture you choose, the paint you choose, the foil combinations and more, your creative possibilities are truly endless :)

We tried to gather a number of different projects using decorative rollers for this blog to highlight all the creative possibilities. If you would like to share your projects with us we'd love that! Please post them to our Facebook page for the possibility of being showcased in an upcoming blog!

Decorative rollers can create many different looks and finishes. Here is a sampling of projects that myself, clients and retailers have created over the years :)

This Hammered Metal Finish is fabulous for furniture and cabinetry.  It pretty much looks amazing on everything including walls! I recently did a Facebook Video for Hometalk teaching this wonderful finish. You can learn how to make it yourself below.

Hammered Metal Finish Tutorial

The Little White Cabinet

This was created with Texture Medium, The Lotus Decorative Roller, DIY White Swan paint, some Gold Foil and Glitter & Glass Beads on a raised stencil.  Read all about how I created this stunning piece HERE.

Tiger Wall

This wonderful wall was created by Danielle Denton.  She used the Tiger Roller Decorative Roller, Texture Medium, and Metallic paint to create this fabulous look.

Dresser for Mom

This is a dresser I created for my mom using my Crocodile Fauxy Roller, Texture Medium, Foil Adhesive, and Abigail Flowers Foil.

The top was created with Texture Medium, Crocodile Decorative Roller and Metallic Paints! I absolutely love how this project turned out :) You can read how I created this entire project HERE.

Gray Gardens Designs Mermaid Dresser

This beautiful dresser was created by Gray Gardens Designs. This look was created using paint and my Crocodile Fauxy Roller. It turned out absolutely stunning!!

More Inspiration...

Crocodile Roller & Paint

Artsy Leaf Decorative Roller

Anastasia Stamping Roller

Python Fauxy Roller

Texture Medium, DIY Paint & Mermaid Fauxy Roller

I hope this sparked your creativity and inspired you to get working on your next project :)

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