DIY Coasters

Today I am sharing with you how I created these super cute DIY Coasters. This is such a fun and easy project that anyone can do :) They also make the perfect gift!

Make your way to Home Depot (Lowe’s does not carry them) or you can find them on my Amazon Shop HERE! I picked the Travertine Tiles because of its uniqueness. I love the pits and chipped looking edges.

Let's get started on these DIY Coasters...

First I wiped them down to make sure they were not dusty, and then I got started on my DIY Coasters. Next, you will need to grab some of my Foil Adhesive and brush. To create the smoothest application, use a foam brush but make sure to level out any bubbles from the foam brush. Then allow the Foil Adhesive to dry for at least one hour, the longer the better.

Once the Foil Adhesive has dried to a firm tack, you will want to get your foil collection out and decide which foils you want to use.  I had to use the Weathered Copper. I absolutely love this foil!

When using the 4”x4” tiles,  you can just cut a piece of foil 5” wide and if you are very careful with placement you can get three tiles per strip of foil (I was being frugal LOL).  Once you have placed your foil over the tile you can use a soft cloth to rub the foil and if you don’t get enough transfer, grab that scrub brush.

When you have finished transferring your foil on all the tiles, it’s time to protect the foil.  You can use any topcoat product, just test the sheen first. Anything lower than gloss will bring the sheen of the foils down.  It doesn’t matter what sheen you use, just make sure you like the look of how it changes the foil.  Make sure to apply several coats.

I also purchased the felt dots and clear plastic bumper dots. Use these to put on the bottom to protect the surface you use them on. You can find both of these items on my Amazon Shop HERE.

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