DIY Valentine's Day T-Shirt

I don’t know about you... but I love to create custom t-shirts with my Cameo!  And lately, I have had a lot of fun making some DIY Valentine's Day t-shirts ❤️️

Diy Valentin'es Day T-Shirt

DIY Valentine's Day T-Shirt

There are a few ways you can create your own DIY t-shirt with foils. We actually have four options to help you with all your fabric projects.  We have a Spray Adhesive to work with stencils, a Liquid Adhesive that you can use to outline or just free-hand with (it creates a raised line), a Gel Adhesive that you can use with stencils or free-hand with, and the fourth option is our Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive. The Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive has to be cut with a Cameo, Cricut, or similar type of cutting machine.

I created my “X's and O's” t-shirt with a Vinyl Stencil that I cut from my Cameo machine. I have a super awesome friend that I have collaborated with on some fun designs recently, and she helped me with this X's and O's design.

Let's get started...

I cut the X's and O’s stencil on a regular vinyl stencil so that I could use my Foil Spray Fabric Adhesive.

First, you will cut the vinyl and weed the design like a regular stencil, creating the openings to apply the spray adhesive through.  You want to shake this can really well, give it a good shake for 30 to 60 seconds (it’s a good arm workout haha).   Then hold the can about 8 inches away and spray over the openings with a thin even coat; not too thin but not too thick.  It’s not a bad idea to do a little sample piece to get familiar with the amount you need to apply.

Let the spray adhesive dry for about 10 minutes...

Next, you will apply your favorite metallic foil over the design and iron it on.  Turn your iron to medium heat and put a piece of parchment paper over the foil and iron over that layer.  This way even if your iron is too hot, it will not scorch the foils. Every iron is different and medium heat could be too hot on some, and not hot enough on others!

You will iron over the design for about 30 to 60 seconds with the iron constantly moving. Do not let it sit in one place.  Then allow the foil to completely cool before removing the foil.  All foils are a cool release, so never pull them off when they are hot.

Once the foil cools off completely, gently remove it from your shirt...

The Spray Adhesive can work with all pre-cut stencils as well.  Just make sure to use a repositionable spray adhesive on the backside of the precut stencil to make sure that the stencil stays in position and no spray gets under the stencil. Tape off and cover around the outside edges so that no overspray gets on the rest of the shirt either.

There are so many possibilities of creating with all these different adhesives we have available!

Grab yourself a fun Valentine's Day-themed stencil and have some fun! If you create a custom t-shirt, text me a picture 😁 

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