How to use Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive

When you are a creative person, you are always looking for new ways to use the products you already love in new ways! We have a few different ways to create with metallic foils on fabric and heat transfer vinyl adhesive is one of my favs!


So, I would like to officially introduce you to our Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive (HTVA) which is designed to be used with a Vinyl Cutter, i.e.; Cameo, Silhouette, or your favorite brand you use.

Cutting the HTVA allows the utmost creativity possible because of all the design options available to use with the vinyl cutters.  You can find 1,000’s of files to purchase on the internet and just import to your cutter.

Once you select a design and import it to your vinyl cutter, just make sure that you mirror the image if it’s a word. There should also be a setting for HTVA on your machine, so make sure an select that as well.

HTVA has a shiny side and a matte side. The matte side is the side you want to cut (that side is the adhesive).

Once you find a design and cut the HTVA, you will then need to “weed” out the design.  This means to remove all the parts you do not need and you should be left with a word or a pattern to transfer.

I used the word “Faith” for this project. Once it was weeded, I then ironed it onto my t-shirt.  I positioned the HTVA design onto my project and made sure I had it right where I wanted it. There’s no moving it once it’s transferred to the fabric.

Put the iron on medium heat and keep the iron moving as you are ironing over the HTVA. I like to iron for about 30 to 60 seconds.  Then you want to remove the backing material while it’s warm, just make sure that the design has adhered to the fabric.

Allow the HTVA to cool off a little and then just cover it with your Metallic Foil of choice. Make sure you have picked a textile-friendly foil. We specify this on our website in the description of each foil.

Once again, you will iron over the design directly on the foil (you can use parchment paper if desired). Keep the iron moving, use some pressure, and make sure you are on a hard surface. Iron for about 60 seconds making sure you have ironed over the entire design.

Allow the foil to completely cool off on its own and don’t try to speed up the cooling down process.  Once the foil has completely cooled down, remove the foil carrier.

There is nothing else to do... Just make sure to wash in cold water, inside/out, and only air dry (NO DRYER).

Have a ton of fun creating your unique projects for yourself, friends, and family!!

Xo, Jenn

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