Our Foil Line Is Growing

My passion and love for foils started almost 25 years ago. I know what you're thinking... Yes, they have been around a long time and we keep finding new ways to use them. Our foil line is growing and you don't want to miss out on these new colors and patterns. They are such a versatile tool to have and you can add some "flair" to almost any project you think of.

our foil line is growing

I Foiled That: Our Foil Line is Growing

When I first discovered Foils there was only one option for adhesive and it wasn't the greatest product to work with. You talk about a fantastic workout... OMGosh, that adhesive is how I got such "buff" arms!  The finish always turned out gorgeous but I sure did have to work for it.

With this adhesive, we would have to apply a coat of foil adhesive, allow it to dry and then apply another coat of foil adhesive and allow that coat to dry as well. Then we were able to finally transfer the foil.  This process was a lot of work. We would scrub and scrub trying to get a decent release. Back then it was both of the products. Not all foils would release easy and the adhesive was sub-par for the application.

What do you do when you have a problem??

You fix it!! Fast forward 5 or 6 years and I finally took the matter into my own hands. I found a manufacturer to develop an adhesive that would release the foils easier. Thus, my super sticky foil adhesive was created.

Our foil line is growing

This adhesive helps all foils release better! The secret to getting the best release... Allow my foil adhesive to dry at least an hour or two, the longer the better.

Along with developing a fabulous foil adhesive, I have also researched and found some of the best "easy release" foils to work with. This has made foiling an easier application which can be applied to many different surfaces.

Our foil line is growing...

We currently have 129 different foil choices consisting of solid colors, patterns, and holographics to choose from! We have also just taken over another line of foils which were known as V-Mask Foils.  Longtime friends, Bob and Cindy Andrews have been scaling back and no longer wanted to deal with the undertaking of having a foil line. So... I made them an offer they couldn’t refuse!


V-Mask Foils

Our foil line is growing and the number of foil options is going to increase by at least 30 in the next week or two and most likely will be close to 200 foil choices by the end of 2020!!  Many of you have used the V-Mask Foils over the last 20 plus years and we are so excited to have the opportunity to provide you this line of foil patterns.  Some of the most popular ones have been Spotted Champagne, Woodhaven Gold, and Weathered Copper!

If you want to get a first hand look at these foils, we've just finished putting together V-Mask Sample Packs! These packets include samples of the 20 different foils we are currently carrying in this collection.


But if you think these are fabulous...

Just wait until you see the rest of this collection and the new designs, we will be adding.

We are working very closely with the manufacturer to ensure easy release on all of our foils so that your projects will be fun and fabulous. We take our foils very seriously around here to not only make sure you get great results but also have to most incredible collection to choose from.

our foil line is growing

Foils can adorn just about any surface and you (my amazing customers) keep finding more and more uses and different applications.  I love getting these into the hands of such creative people and seeing what y’all make.

New to foils? Need a refresher?

Here are the basic Foil application instructions.

Apply the ArtsSyVille Embellishments Foil Adhesive to your surface by brush or roller with 100% coverage everywhere you want to transfer the foil.  When applying the foil adhesive, make sure to soften out all application marks.

Allow to dry for at least one hour, two or three is better.  The foil adhesive dries to a firm super sticky tack and will never dry beyond this tack – it will stay tacky forever.  Which means you can apply the foil adhesive today and foil tomorrow, or 6 months from now.  But because it is super sticky, just about anything can get stuck to it – make sure to keep it someplace safe until you can apply the foil.

Once your adhesive has dried to a firm tack...

It’s time to get out some fabulous foil and transfer it to your surface.  There are several different ways to apply the foil, but always make sure that the colored/pattern side is facing you.

Just lay the foil over the dry/tacked foil adhesive and smooth it out with a soft cloth.  Always peak under the foil to see how the release is working and if you have transferred as much as desired (not always do we want full coverage).  If rubbing with the soft cloth is not providing enough coverage, grab yourself a scrub brush and scrub back in forth in one direction (vertical or horizontal) to transfer the foil.  Make sure to stay in one direction at first until you have good coverage and then if you trying to accomplish almost 100% coverage, you can use a circular motion last (this seems to get the most transfer possible).

Realize that foils will never get you 100% coverage...

But... we aim for the high 90’s.  Which is another factor in a great foil application is picking the correct color to go underneath your foil.  I always suggest making a sample board first and trying the foils over several different colors to see which one compliments the foil best.

I have found with my many years of experience that a dark color always looks best or if doing a solid color, use a paint color as close to the foil color as possible.  But creating a sample will provide you with color options and you can choose which color works best.

Last but not least...

We need to protect these foils when applying to a hard surface – they can scratch easily.  So grab your sample you created while picking the best color to go underneath and figure out which topcoat works the best for your project.

All topcoats will slightly alter the foils – if you want them to stay bright and shiny, use a Gloss topcoat anything lower then gloss will bring the foil sheen lower.  I have used all topcoats from matte to gloss over the foils – just depends on the project and what I looking for in the final appearance of the piece.

This application is for hard surfaces – if you want to foil fabric we have another complete blog post on the application of foils and fabrics. You can check it out HERE.

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