Stenciling with Foils

Here at Artistic Painting Studio, we have a few options of Foil Adhesives to work with when foiling on fabric. Today we are going to cover our Deco Foil Fusible Spray Adhesive. I love stencils and this Fusible Spray Adhesive is wonderful to use when stenciling with foils!

Metallic Foils & Fabric: Stenciling with Foils

I used our Hampton Medallion Stencil pattern for this particular project, but you can use your favorite stencil. We have quite a few different patterns to choose from if you are needing to add some to your collection.

Let's get started...

First, you will need to spray the backside of the stencil with a Repositionable Spray Adhesive which will keep all elements in place when you are spraying the Fusible Spray Adhesive.


I would advise going outside when using the repositionable spray adhesives. Make sure you allow it to “tack-up” for a few minutes before applying the stencil to your project.

Next, you will take the stencil design you are using and position it on your project. Make sure every element is securely in place and tape down a barrier around the stencil.  This should prevent the Fusible Spray Adhesive from getting anywhere else.

Then you will shake the can of Fusible Spray Adhesive for at least 30 to 60 seconds and make sure it is shaken well!  Once the can is ready you will spray over the stencil design filing in all the openings of the stencil.  The Fusible Spray Adhesive will create a “white” stencil image. Then you will remove the stencil.

I would suggest cleaning the stencil as soon as you are done with it. We have found that Awesome from the Dollar Tree works great for getting all the adhesive off of our stencils.  I have also just left the spray on the stencil and scrapped it off later.

Allow the Fusible Spray Adhesive to dry for about 10 minutes and then cover it with your favorite foil color or pattern with the pretty side facing up.

Set your iron to medium heat and iron over the pattern.  I adhesive doing this on a hard surface, keeping the iron moving at all times. Use some pressure to make sure that the pattern is adhering to the foil.  Iron for about 30 to 60 seconds and then allow the foil to completely cool off before removing it from your fabric.  These foils are a “cool” release, so you need to let them cool off completely before removing them.

That’s it! Now you have an awesome foiled tee or custom throw pillow! I love to foil my jeans, jackets, and tees. I have even created a few custom throw pillows to match my home.

As for the care of your project...

Wash in cold water, inside/out, and air dry. Never put in a dryer!! Also, always make sure that you are using a Textile Friendly foil for these projects. We always specify on our website which ones are textile friendly.

Now go have fun and foil some fabric!

Xo, Jenn

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