Upcycling Furniture: A Fabulous Dresser

I have so many talented retailers that create some amazing projects and this one is sure to WOW you!

Morey Dunbar of PAINTED studio in Brookfield, IL has outdone herself with this fabulous dresser!

This dresser was actually a commissioned project that Morey transformed using foils and metallic paints!

The dresser was sanded, cleaned and primed with a grey primer.  It’s always best to base coat in a color that is similar to the foil color you are using or a darker color than the foil color you are using.

Morey taped off the areas that she planned to foil with the Cloud Foil.  First, she applied the ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive and allowed it to dry to a firm tack.  Once the foil adhesive was ready, she transferred the Cloud Silver Foil to a couple of sections of the dresser.

Then she taped off the top of the dresser and the drawers. She applied the Foil Adhesive and transferred the Ramsey Rose Silver Foil. She then foiled the legs with Silver Foil.

After all the foiling was done, Morey broke out a stencil and painted Diamonds on the top of the dresser and the drawer fronts using Black and White paint.  She then hand-painted Teal polka-dots at the intersection of the diamonds for a splash of color!

To top off this fabulous piece, Morey added a little Metallic Plum!

We love the creativity of Morey and the combination of using different foils, stencils, and metallic paints!

Make sure to share your projects with us!  We are always looking for great projects to feature on our blog, Facebook and Instagram pages :)

Unleash your creativity and get foilin'!!!

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