Valentine's Day Wooden Sign

So... Valentine's Day is coming up and that means we need to start decorating. This Valentine's Day Wooden Sign is so stinking cute & was such a blast to create.

I went shopping at one of my favorite, but dangerous places... Hobby Lobby!! Sometimes I get into trouble at this place, but it’s the fun kind of trouble! I was actually there to purchase my new Silhouette Cameo 4 but got a little distracted when I saw some fun items down a few aisles.

The words Blessed, Family and Love inspired me... I knew that I could create some fun signs with these words, so I found a couple of wood plaques for the 3-D words.

wooden sign, family, diy project

So... I loaded up my shopping cart with all this stuff and headed back to the studio to create!

wooden sign, blessed

I started with the LOVE sign knowing that this would be great for Valentine’s Day, but also a great everyday reminder to spread some love around.

Then I decided that this project needed some foils and I am just a little obsessed with animal prints, so I had to start with one. I picked the Cheetah Silver for my plaque and had to go with Red Foil for the LOVE.

diy project, valentine's day

If you've been following me for a while now, you know that I like to use darker colors under foils and when in doubt always use black.

Let's get started...

I got started on this Valentine's Day Wooden Sign project by base coating everything black. First, I used the Bondago in black, which is a paint and primer all in one. Allow this to dry and then you can head to the fun stuff.

To apply the foils, you will need a layer of my Foil Adhesive. Brush this on all surface areas you want to transfer your foils. I brushed on a layer to the top of the plaque and the top of the word Love. You will need to allow this to dry for at least an hour. It will dry clear and shiny and be a firm tack.

Now we get to finally transfer our foils. I started with the plaque first and laid the Cheetah Foil over the entire surface. I smoothed everything out with a cloth first and then used a scrub brush to get the best transfer.

valentine's day, wooden sign, diy project

Then I grabbed the Red Foil and transferred it over the LOVE cut-out. This transferred like butter!

Once you transfer your foils, you will need to protect them. Pull out your favorite top coat and apply a layer or two. You will want to do a test first and check the sheens of your topcoats to see which you prefer for your project. Allow everything to dry and then assemble with a little glue.

I added a bow with Red Hearts for fun!

love, wooden sign, foil, valentine's day

Watch me create in action below:

Have fun and spread the LOVE, this world needs it!!

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