Foiled Cowboy Boots

This was my first “shoe” project and I think we started a trend! I discovered that I inspired many people to foil their cowboy boots and the rest of their shoes as well. There have been so many fun foiled cowboy boots and shoes, and I absolutely love getting to see what y'all create!

Foiled Cowboy Boots

Upcycling Cowboy Boots with Foils

You don’t need many supplies for this project. Just some ArtsSyVille Foil Adhesive, your favorite metallic foil, and some Final Coat.

First, you will clean up the boots, and then you will apply one good layer of Foil Adhesive. Allow this to dry for at least an hour.

Next, you will take your favorite foil and transfer it to the surface using a plastic bristle scrub brush. Make sure the "pretty" side is facing you.

Once you are done transferring your foil to your boots or shoes, then you will want to protect your shoes with Final Coat. I recommend doing several layers for the best protection.

That’s it, folks! You now have some gorgeous foiled cowboy boots! This was such a super easy and fun project!

Xo, Jenn

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